Spark Band

Sam, Jules and Addie from Little Spark Band have performed at 500+ weddings and events on the South East coast of Australia. With professional lighting and top quality QSC sound equipment they bring ambience and joy to every event. Classic songs, tight harmonies and a small set up with a big impact set Spark Band apart from other musicians. See the packages section for tried-and-tested options or get in touch with a message today.


DUO: Two musicians produce a huge sound without the band price. Rich vocal harmonies, soulful guitar and percussion bring ambience to your event. Great for intimate weddings and corporate soirees. For a high quality entertainment experience, this is extremely good value! 

Trio *MOST POPULAR*: This is the most versatile set-up and our most popular option. Sam, Adelina and Jules will entertain guests with lush harmonies, belting vocals, punchy bass and ringing guitars. Perfect for party vibes and weddings with sound restrictions, the trio option is truly the best way to rock your event and create unforgettable memories. 

4-Piece Band: Want to truly take your event to the next level? The 4-piece band makes an incredible impact and will leave you and your guests with no option but to be showing off ALL THE moves on the dance floor! The addition of a drummer will have everybody putting on their dancing shoes and rocking the night away. PERFORMING ALL YOUR FAVOURITES, THE 4-PIECE LITTLE SPARK BAND TRULY WILL TAKE YOUR WEDDING TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

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